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Should Your Restaurant Offer Free WiFi?

Whether you’re new to the hospitality business or you’ve been running a restaurant for years, you may have wondered if there’s value to offering free WiFi to your customers. The short answer is YES, but there are several reasons that should be taken into consideration before you run out for it.

Millennial Instagramming their meals, business people checking emails, and graduate students working on papers all have something in common; A Desire For Free Public Wi-Fi.
While many internet users have cellular data plans on their smartphones and tablets, Wi-Fi allows them to surf with a better speed.
Customers are more likely to post pictures and reviews from their experience in your establishment if they can do it using a free internet connection instead of their very limited data with network issues.
In addition, Wi-Fi Hotspot Marketing gives you the freedom to have dynamic surveys which gives you an opportunity to target them in a very specific manner.
Data Capture & Export
Promoting Customer Loyality
Plug & Play Solution
A Simple Login Process
Getting Personalized Offers Via SMS/Email
Loyalty Promotions

Wi-Fi Hotspot Marketing | Promotion & Surveys | Customer Engagement

Benefits Of Restaurant Offering Free Wi-Fi

Customized Guest Engagement

Guests expect personalized services when they visit and it has a significant impact on retention and loyalty, we enable complete customization on the Wi-Fi login page as per your locations' themes and provide 100% automation on Wi-Fi marketing associated with demographics (Mobile Number, E-Mail, Name, Age etc). The best part is that you can run an advertisement over your free Wi-Fi.

Promotions and Surveys

Kavach gives you an opportunity to create dynamic surveys which can be changed in just a single click. You will gain valuable and actionable inputs from your customers in terms of custom surveys at your restaurants and take proactive actions to increase their visit frequency and spends. Well the best part is that you can cater different audience with a different questionnaire in the same survey.

Wi-Fi Hotspot Marketing | Promotion & Surveys | Customer Engagement

Avoid Common Problems When Offering Free Wi-Fi

Unsecured Netwok
For the sake of customers’ data privacy and your internal data, your network must be secure. Ideally, your network should be highly secure for your employees, and customers, we at Kavach are resolute to do so.
Speed Issues
Offering a free Wi-Fi isn’t enough; Your Wi-Fi must also be fast and and have enough to cater the needs of all your customers. People often get more frustrated with very slow connections than no internet access at all. But there is a solution for this as well.
You’re probably familiar with Wi-Fi seekers who spend as little as possible, but then sit on a table for long time, using your Internet Access. There are several ways to offer free WiFi to customers and prevent such people from occupying your precious space.

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