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Is Your Free Wi-Fi Really Secure??

Paying Guest | Free Wi-Fi | Wi-Fi Security | Solve Internet Issue In A PGIn today’s scenario the Paying Guest Accommodations need to provide all kinds of value added services to their guest, obviously the credit goes to the competition, and one such service is a secured Internet access with a good speed. Moreover it would not be wrong to say so that Internet now is a necessity than a value added service.

Free Wi-Fi in a PG is more likely to be unsecured, with a simple encryption key that has access to all. Now the bigger problem lies when you use this Wi-Fi and you are prone to attack by hackers and even other Wi-Fi users. Well from the PG owner’s perspective there lies a bigger problem which is if any illegal use of Internet takes place which would obviously have dire consequences.

Other Internet issue in a PG is speed, which again can be attributed to many so many reasons. A slow speed can be accredited to a router/access point with lesser capabilities or some guest downloading a torrent and consuming all speed. The answer to all above queries is ‘Kavach’.

Most Common Internet Issues In A PG

Speed Issues

Despite having multiple connections the biggest issue remains of Internet Speed which is always slow no matter what. We at Kavach have found out the reason due which this happens and implement the solution in such a way that such issues are resolved. One such solution is per user bandwidth capping.

Wi-Fi Signal Strength

The other most common issue is of less or no signals and students keep complaining of disconnection issues. The reason for this is the lesser capability of your routers and access points. We conduct a site survey and suggest you the best technology with the least pricing so that the issue just vanishes.

Cost Cutting

Mostly due to lack of proper knowledge and off-course on the suggestion of your Internet Service Provider it happens that you keep on increasing the number of your Internet Connections and still face the same issues. We design a solution in such a way that this number goes down drastically.

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