Hospital Wi-Fi Sorted

Providing more than just WiFi in a hospital, we are the market leaders and have set a standard in the industry that is hard to beat. It allows staff, patients and visitors to stay connected, and Trustees to learn useful insights.

Kavach platform allows secure, high speed Hospital Internet Management & Security Solution to staff, patients and visitors so they are always able to stay connected.

  • Authentication Of Patient, Visitor and Staff by Unique Username & Passwords.
  • Integration with your Hospital Management Solution
  • Network Management To Prevent Congestion

WiFi In A Hospital | Hospital WiFi Network | Hospital Internet Management

With evolving technology, Healthcare sector is also changing vigorously, where-in hospitals are expecting their staff and employees to adapt the latest technology. With the help of our Hospital Internet Management facility – patients,doctors, and other concerned staff can easily share prescription details, email health issues, research about drug details, and communicate using the wired or Wi-Fi network laid in the hospitals. Moreover you can conduct surveys online where you can gather information related to their medical history and give personalized offers on various tests and scans. Our Hospital WiFi Solution ensures that the user activity logs are captured in compliance with legal and security policies.

Common Problems In Managing A Hospital WiFi Network

WiFi In A Hospital | Hospital WiFi Network | Hospital Internet ManagementHospital is a dynamic environment to work in and so is the Wi-Fi there which fluctuates throughout the day, responding to the change in environment. At times when the users, devices and applications increases, the performance of your WiFi will be affected, sometimes leading to slower downloading and uploading speed and occasional network outages while when the users, devices and applications decrease the network performance increases leading to a better Internet Speed. But we need to have a concrete solution to this. We at Mobishastra have experienced network engineers who have an expertise in network designing and implementation and can make assumptions about your wireless environment based on things like average daily users, and design a wireless network that is more resilient to these fluctuations.

Offer An Optimized Digital Experience For Hospitals


We provide you with a multi-language support on our Splash Landing Page which makes it very convenient for the end user to use as it is his native language.


We provide you with a choice of multiple authentication methods. There is also a system of provision of tiered bandwidth, session limit and much more.


Integrate our systems with your current hospital management system giving facilities like easy user authentication through admission/patient id along with doctor's appointment check-in and much more.


Send SMS/E-Mail Campaigns, conduct surveys and monetize advertisements. Using the above tools you can create opportunities which can give you great ROI's.


You get to know the real-time analytics of the Internet usage along with the key insights of your clients such as customers name, age, gender, and much more.


We at Kavach believe in providing you the fastest resolution to all your queries. Our 24X7 help-desk supports you in all your general, technical and sales queries.

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