Internet Marketing Tool

Transform Your Free Wi-Fi Into An Internet Marketing Tool

Internet marketing is one of the most innovative and effective way to sell our offerings to potential clients and create opportunities. It is when business – houses provide wireless internet access to shoppers and then use it as a channel to communicate messages and promotions which can be personalized based on their usage pattern and details. It’s just one of the few effective ways that organizations are accepting the digital world — and creating multi-channel experience for their shoppers.

You can monetize your Wi-Fi by conducting targeted advertising by playing a video or a banner on the splash login page. You can also use our marketing platform for real-time personalized communication.

Internet Marketing | Wi-Fi Marketing | Survey | Promotional Campaign

The Benefits of Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing | Wi-Fi Marketing | Survey | Promotional Campaign | Free Wi-Fi

Increased Sales: The main focus of a business owner is to increase sales and it is much likely to increase when you engage Internet Marketing. And the customers are more likely to spend money when they get a free Wi-Fi.

Build An Audience: Whether you’re collecting email address or mobile numbers (or both), these customers are becoming potential targets to which you can market in the future using SMS and E-Mail Campaigns by sending personalized offers and promotion.

Survey : We give you an opportunity to collect valuable data of your customers so that you can use it to send personalized offers which again are a way to create potential buyers.

Internet Marketing | Wi-Fi Marketing | Survey | Promotional CampaignConvenience: Buyers have access to a possibly faster network than their mobile phone service provider’s, and they can also save on data usage along with network issues. Moreover today where online payments are an integral part, where-in the buyer may need to pay using digital applications, your Free Wi-Fi is a blessing in disguise. According to a survey a buyer is much likely not to visit a place where he finds some issues.

Improved Shopping Experience: Moreover according to a survey a shopper is 62% more likely to spend time in a store when provided a free Wi-Fi. This shows that a client is willing to spend more time on a brand with a Free Wi-Fi than on a store without free Internet which in turn means generation of revenues in terms of direct sales and creation of opportunity.