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Wi-Fi In A Service Center

With the increase in competition, market has became very tough, where a business owner always keep their services top of the class to survive with the growing competitions at rock-bottom prices but it is always “who think out of the box”.

Well this out of the box solution can be express service, a lounge with a cup of coffee or even better – ‘A Free Wi-Fi In A Service Center’.

A client may spend some time waiting while your guys work on their vehicle. This is a great time to please your customers with a free Wi-Fi that gives them some time to relish. Over that consumers look for the best value and convenience while choosing who to use for service work. Our Wi-Fi Management Solution gives your service centers the advantage or the “out-of-the-box” thinking of offering a great amenity and helps increase repeated visits by augmenting your online marketing efforts.

Fully Managed

Eliminate any additional work for your IT team

Usage Reporting

Generate real-time user based reports

Build Guest Database

Collect data for use in promotional campaigns

Quick ROI

Less upfront costs and more revenue generation lets you get the returns back soon

24/7 Guest Support

Get a 2-tier service back-up just in case your IT guys are not available.

Highly Scalable

Cloud Based Solution can be installed at multiple sites immediately

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