Sales & Procurement

Use Our IT Expertise To Procure The Latest Technology

Kavach | Sales | Procurement | Match Your Requirements Sales & Procurement are two very integral parts of a business. Our team of experts do a site survey and then an in-depth study of your requirements to get you the best and latest equipment that match your requirements. We also make sure that we match your requirements giving you the best product keeping in mind the budget you’ve specified.Our goal is to provide products and services as per our client’s needs while making the process as simple as possible, so that our clients can spend time on what matters the most: running their business and not silly networking part.

We encapsulate our Security Skills along with our Networking Experience and Strategic Partnership with international distributors to provide cutting-edge technology that’s fit for your purpose. Our long standing in the industry has ensured we source well priced hardware and software for our prestigious clients. Whether installing or expanding a network, integrating various products and systems, or expanding current capabilities, Mobishastra assists its clients in maximizing on their technology investment with technically sound advice and competitive pricing.

How Do We Do It?

Product & Service Knowledge

A very common problem encountered these days is that most sales people do not have in-depth knowledge of the technology they are selling. It might happen that they are good at their product but cannot draw comparatives between products that are parallel to their product.

Willingness To Share Information

Willingness to share information as a part of negotiation process makes all the difference. As a part of their sales strategy most of the people do not share the exact details of the product being used by them. But we at Mobishastra believe in transparency.

Focus on Solution Than Price

A research shows that 77% professionals are more interested in a better solution cost than solution itself. We at Mobishastra do have a focus on the budgetary allocations of our clients but not at the cost of giving you an inferior solution. We make sure that only the best solution is tailored for you.