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I have 150 MBPS speed in my hotel with 25 room why i should get kavach installed

All QuestionsCategory: QuestionsI have 150 MBPS speed in my hotel with 25 room why i should get kavach installed
Puja asked 2 years ago
Omesh Midha replied 2 years ago

Hi Puja
Just came across your query. I think most of us don’t know that the speed offered by most of the ISP is browsing speed and the download speed is actually offered speed divided by 8 so your speed is actually 16 Mbps and if you check it will be lower then 10 Mbps.

One very interesting reality I came across is that most of the famous speed test tools show the speed as the download is actually not the right speed will suggest everyone use it will show you the exact speed your ISP is providing you.

One very important thing without a management device it’s not possible to provide our clients with good internet speed so no matter what the speed is you should have an internet hotspot installed.
The internet usage has increased and so does the cybercrime devices like this make sure no outsider can use your internet and in case someone uses the internet for any kind of cybercrime it is very easy to find out who has done it.
I hope my advice will help you to take a decision and will be a help to others also.
If you have doubts do drop them here if I get notification from the website will surely reply on it.

Vatsal Singhania replied 2 years ago

Hi Omesh, There are a few things that I want to clarify?? Do you work with Kavach as there are a few things I would want you to answer. How do you manage a hotel with almost 90 rooms. As of now I have got 5 connections from Airtel, and I’m spending a bomb on my lease line as well. Could you please help me with the costing and also I pay around 25 grand for the Network AMC guy. Can you do better in terms of costing and service because people in your industry are very unreliable. I would not name a company but they came, took money and the company was dissolved with in 6 months. How do you cater that??

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