Provide Best User Experience With Our Office Internet Security & Management Enterprise Solution

Manage every step of your Network Experience in your enterprise from Login Methods to Branding, from Content Filtering to Intrusion Prevention, we provide you with Office Internet Security and Management. Our Cloud-Based Wi-Fi Solution provides an overlay to your existing Network Infrastructure and can be up and running within under an hour’s time. Most importantly it gives you a 2-tier Support System.

Intrusion Prevention System | Load Balancing | Content Filtering | IOT
Intrusion Prevention System | Load Balancing | Content Filtering | IOT
Intrusion Prevention System | Load Balancing | Content Filtering | IOT

Bandwidth Consumption In Corporates

File Sharing

Social Media


Streaming Media

Wired or Wireless Network Infrastructure is a basic necessity at offices allowing employees, clients, partners, visitors, and customers for information sharing and to work for enhanced productivity and efficiency. Allowing clients, partners and visitors to access internal network brings a risk of malicious threats on the network. There is another issue that has come up with almost all the business houses is that their employees’ using E-Commerce and Social Media Platforms is hampering their performance. Thus there is a need of a comprehensive solution offering Office Internet Security, Bandwidth Management and Allocation, User Access Control, Port Blocking, Content Filtering and Port Forwarding.

Differentiated Network Management That We Offer

Website And Torrent Blocking

We offer accurate and reliable content filtering in order to protect networks from malware and filter unwanted website content in an office network. Block E-Commerce and Social Media platforms to ensure working efficiency. Moreover, block malicious users, trying to download excessively during peak hours to avoid any bandwidth abuse.

CRM And Multi-Network Management

Provision of API makes it very simple for corporate-houses to link our Network Management Solution with their CRM. Also with our multi-network management feature you can map all your office's network in just one panel. You also have an option to get a location based MIS and can create different network admins for each office.

Multiple Internet Load Balancing

We support multiple Internet Links so that you never face an Internet Black-Out at your office. With Kavach you have an added advantage of immediate failure detection of an Internet Link and the active traffic automatically goes of to the active connections.

Captive Portal And User Management

Now you can create Login-Pages which can be personalized from our cloud based portal anytime, anywhere. You get an option to create , edit and revoke a user as per your requirement. Get the real-time user analytics in addition to applying session limits, and bandwidth management.

IoT Integration And Port Forwarding

Our network not just manages WiFi but also allows you to integrate CCTV, Printer, Bio-metric Systems and Other Smart Internet-Enabled Devices to provide uninterrupted internet access to such devices. Specific Ports can be forwarded to specific IPs' to host local servers, contents, and websites.

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