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Importance Of Wi-Fi In A Library

Kavach Library Wi-Fi Internet Security System sharply controls the Internet Speed, Data Transfer and the number of devices which a student can connect to Wi-Fi. Since there is a greater demand for streaming services by students, libraries cater to their student by limiting the speed so that every student gets uninterrupted and hassle-free Wi-Fi. The system is well-equipped to gather data and surveys on student satisfaction, complaints, and comments that may be answered personally.

Why Do We Need It?

Multiple Internet Connection

There is a huge problem these days that despite the fact you get multiple connections still students complain of speed issues. Moreover there is also an acute problem where in the students cannot connect with the Wi-Fi which again compels the library owners to get another Internet Connection where the problem is not with connection.

Network Connectivity And Signal Issues

Often you come across situations where there is an issue with the signal strength and at times there are students who complain that the Wi-Fi is connecting and disconnecting again and again,. There are multiple possible reasons due to which this issue takes place and we at Kavach guide you to resolve this issue.

Bandwidth User Management

You can restrict the usage in terms of Internet Data and Speed. Not only this but you can also manage the users individually from anywhere through our Web Portal. Our Analytics Dashboard allows you to gather and analyze WiFi Data and get insights about the students in your library.

Torrent And Website Blocking

A survey says that more than 51% of students in a library are likely to download a movie from your Free Wi-Fi. Well we've come up with a solution in which you can block the unethical websites and torrents which consume the Internet Speed.

Supports Multiple Gateways

Well sometimes it genuinely requires more than one connection in a library to work smoothly depending upon the seating. Moreover it is very important to know if all connections are properly working or not. In addition to it we need to have this control remotely so that you could know the status remotely.

Library Wi-Fi

Controls Internet Speed, Time Limit, Data Limit or The Number Of Devices That A Student Can Connect To The Library Network.

Kavach Free Wi-Fi | Library Network | Library Wi-Fi | Internet Security Tool