Kavach – Network Management Solution

With the advent of digital era and more than 600 million people living in India who are under the age of 35, the tech savvy audiences are put to test. The economy is growing from local business, SME and World Wide Top most companies using the young generation for their back office in India. As digital usage is increasing so does the challenges of Network Security & Network Management are increasing for all the different segments of businesses across India. Kavach Internet Security and Management Solution are easy to install and easy to use. It is a complete network security and management cloud-based tool which help to provide complete solution related to their internet problems.  

Different Business Segments have different challenges below:

1. Co-Working – One of the most upcoming businesses in India faces an acute issue of managing users’ internet speed and has security concerns that they get. They get a firewall to cater the issues and concerns resolved but the pricing of firewall is burning a hole in their pocket. Buying an elephant is easy but taming it is difficult and so does a firewall require a technical engineer to manage it. Kavach Internet management security tool provides co-working spaces a complete network solution which is pocket friendly and at the same time can be managed without technical engineer which is what makes co-working space select Kavach Network Security

2. Hotels – Hotels are categorized in Budget and Luxury Hotels. You see budget hotels work on very small margins and their challenge with Network and Wi-Fi is very huge. The client complaints of low internet speed and even if they want to make the Internet provided to customers secured the cost involve is too high. Kavach Wi-Fi Security and management tool understanding the challenge provide them a very cost-effective solution which resolves all the issues faced by them and the cost factor is as low as Rs 50 per day. 

3. Library – With so many people migrating to metros for living, coaching or studies, the culture of PG’s is increasing so does the business of library has increased as most of the PG students are looking for a space to study online where high speed internet is the first requirement. But libraries face challenges providing a high-speed internet, reason being network is not planned and that is why with even 100 sitting they have taken more than 7 connections and still face the complaints of low internet speed and that is the reason that students leave the library. Solution they use is some local hotspot provider but again the problem remains as timely support in case of problem is not there and also complaint still remain. Kavach Wi-Fi Security for Library provides you with support and helps you provide a solution to make necessary changes in the network and help you run the same library with not more than 2 internet connections saving money and resolving all problems in network which helps them to grow their library business.

4. Office – No Matter how many people are working in an office, the problem faced by the management is that the work productivity is going down and the work efficiency is hit by the unmanaged internet provided in offices. Now the basic issue in this process is that there are people who are constantly using various e-commerce and social media sites which not only consumes their valuable time but also deviates their concentration. To stop this we suggest you to use Kavach Network Management Solution for office. Apart from this, now a day’s the data has gained much of importance and everybody is ready to spend hundreds of thousands of bucks to protect and prevent from running into any data crises.  To save guard from getting into any such crises, we strongly recommend you to use Kavach Office Internet Security.   

Altogether you see, such challenges need to be catered before it is too late. We suggest you to use Kavach to save-guard your self from any kind of Internet Issues.