WiFi Solution For Hotels & Resorts

Free Hotel WiFi ain’t a luxury anymore. It’s the least a hotel can do to meet guest expectations. Recent data points to WiFi being one of the most important amenities a hotel needs to offer.

Centralized Wi-Fi Management

Data Analysis

Property Management System Integration

24x7 Technical Support

TRAI Compliant

Zero Configuration Required

As per the recent survey, 65% of business travelers globally check the availability of Wi-Fi services prior to booking a hotel. If the majority of travelers are making hotel bookings based on Wi-Fi availability, providing them with such a service will guarantee more customer engagement and loyalty.

Hotel Wi-Fi | Internet Management Solution | Wi-Fi Hotspot SoftwareWe feel that the aim of the hospitality industry should always be to offer best-in-class services for the guests visiting the hotel. Free Hotel Wi-Fi Service is a basic amenity in the guest’s check list. Hotels therefore need a system which can control speed, limit the users and protect the hotel from any illegal usage of its Internet.

Our Internet Management Solution offers the most complete and unified hotel bandwidth management solution for single and chain of hotels. We have been designed and developed specially for the hospitality with features like Access Control, Speed Management, Guest Management, AAA (Authorization, Authentication& Accounting), and much more. Our Solution is smart enough to restrict unauthenticated traffic from accessing the internet network, and allow only authenticated users to surf the Internet. Kavach can be integrated with all well-known Property Management Systems (PMS) in the market. It is mostly ordered as stand-alone solution with loaded features, but also offers the elasticity to be integrated with third party systems, offering freedom to hoteliers for providing one-step-ahead services for their guests.

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