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Issues Faced Due To Internet

In today’s era when the mobile data has got cheap and 4G speeds are readily available everywhere, the first thought that comes to the mind of a hotel owner is to cut down on cost and the easiest way is to cut on Internet cost and this thought is fuelled by the thought that the corporate clients do not require value added service like free internet access. But the fact is that, there is no replacement for broadband wire connectivity.  With the fiber line technology, we get much higher speed of internet that the traditional copper wires. The actual issue is in the case of mobile data, when the internet speed is directly dependent on the signal strength and to be very honest, the signal pattern these days are so uneven that the stakes are very high that you will have a bad day in terms of Internet Speed. 

Issues, Problems and Challenges Faced by Organizations with Internet and Networking: 

The most common problem faced by every organization, no matter if it is an office, co working space, hotels, educational institute, or even a health-care establishment and with even 100 Mbps Internet Connectivity everyone keeps on complaining of low internet speed. 

The main reason is that the usage of an individual has increased the websites and content demand with high speed internet but over and above this the main reason is that the ISP is hiding a truth that a 100 MBPS connection will have a maximum of 12 MBPS of download speed and a much lower upload Speed. In most of the cases when in your locality the user base of an ISP can go higher in the peak hours while the speed which you think is 100 mbps is not even 6 Mbps. 

There was a time when we are able to work on internet speeds at almost 32 kbps but as we go ahead in time and get more of speed, the websites, the images, the videos etc. all have gone very heavy for a reason that are in full HD and need better speed. In coming future we will get 100 mbps and much more as download speed but then the content will get heavier as the videos will go 4K so we will be requiring more speed?  

As the demand for internet is increasing we need to understand there are categories of various Internet users so no matter if it is Internet usage done at home, or in office, or hotels, or libraries, PGs’, restaurants’, showrooms’, hospitals’, or even a co working space, there will be one category of user who actually use the internet for official purpose checking emails and doing office stuff or may be a Skype call and the required speed is never apt.

2nd user categories are those who are using the internet for using social media being in touch with friends using different chatting apps and watching videos, they use more of the speed provided by you or used by them at home then also most of the speed is consumed by them

3rd user category is the one which makes everyone suffers because they use it for downloading movies, games, playing heavy online games which consume most of the speed available. It is like you are a business owner and providing your client free internet, one of the clients who is downloading heavy files will consume all your speed while other client can’t even use internet and eventually that is one of the reason of losing of a customer and then having a bad comments about your business making you lose many more. Same way in an office one of the persons downloading a movie can literally consume all the internet speed and the other employees’ work gets hampered. 

Now we need to understand that till the time we don’t have a mechanism to control the users’ speed and cater other issues, the speed and integrity of Internet will remain an issue. It is not only the speed but also the better management along with making our internet secured that needs to be taken care off. 

We talked great lengths talking about speed issues and how the internet usage has grown all this while in India. But there is this one thing which we talk least is about making out internet secured which we are providing to our clients and employees. If someone is using Internet to send some threatening email, upload an objectionable video or image or does some cyber crime then most of us have no mechanism to find out who has done it and the worst part is that the business owner is not aware of any such guidelines that have been set by TRAI way back in 2009. The harassment that happens to such people, their staff and guests is a nightmare for them as it was not their fault at all it was just the lack of awareness.

May be many of us know the consequences when something like a cybercrime happen through internet provided by us but we over look as the chances are on a very lower side. But these chances are increasing as the cyber crime cases in India are increasing. 

Many wanted to have a solution installed so the internet can be secured and can be managed so everyone get good internet speed but the price factor is something that stops and in few cases where price is good enough the market reputation is not good. So something like a firewall is ruled out for high price and as it can’t be managed without an IT engineer and for something like Hotspot it can meet there requirement but they don’t have a service backup and there product have issues. We at Kavach can help you do the following tasks which include management of Internet, high speed and security of your Internet. We are a team of highly qualified engineers with multiple years of experience in the same industry and have more than 6500 clients PAN India. Apart from this we can help you with setting up of the bests of infrastructure at apt costing, thanks to the expertise of our highly professional team.   

 To be honest, unknown attacks pose serious risks, mainly because of the data-driven nature of most business houses. Thus there’s a need to augment security systems with a model-based strategy, so detection does not rely solely on threat signature updates.

Additionally, it’s important to continue educating people about cyber-security. Normal router systems don’t provide blanket protection. They are notably is incapable of stopping attack penetration made possible by the use of predictable passwords and gullibility.

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