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Increasing cyber crimes is making way for stringent security systems to protect data transfer in the web world. With Wi-Fi prevalent all over Delhi and NCR Region, there is a need to protect it from misuse. For this purpose, Kavach has been developed. As an efficient Internet Management Tool, it is empowered to give high security to information transferring process. Our tool is conceptualized to prevent unauthorized access or damage intended to be carried out on computers via wireless networks. We understand that restaurants, coffee shops, and malls are accessed by a variety of people; some may use Wi-Fi for general purpose and few of them might misuse to spread out hoax details.

wifi shield

To prevent such a serious misconduct, our Kavach Wi-Fi security management system is created with a password protected methodology. Our product will allow users to get customized to a page with login id and password. The password shall be provided by the admin to maintain the security level. By getting registered with the page, mobile identification will be conducted by the Government of India. Moreover, our security system enables users to have separate access time permission allotted. This will ensure secure access to the information displayed on the W-Fi platform.

Why Hotel Need Kavach  Wi-Fi  Hotspot Security -

1 - Hotel face  a  problem for their 200 to 250gb data consumed in 10 to 15    days.

2 - At the time they have the data plan even then customer complaint of very poor internet speed.

3- In case of any one send illegal threatening mail or upload objectionable video or picture Hotel has no mechanism to find out who did it.