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Kavach is a blend of state of art hardware & software. A programmed secure hardware is installed between your broadband & WIFI router. All Internet usage is logged & stored on redundant mainframe servers. We have programmed the application in such a way that each user activity is recorded separately & each user gets a unique time bound password to login.

About Us
Features / Advantages of Kavach:-
  • Kavach helps in establishing brand image, security, tracking and other features gives look and feel of a big and professionally managed organization Thus boosting faith and confidence of your customers in your venture.
  • All users using your public WIFI are greeted by your customized Web page.
  • A page asks for registration details or signing in if user is already registered.
  • Detailed MIS of all the users who used your public WIFI – So you will have track of your users, their usage & their contact details. You will get detailed logs with date, time of usage, mobile no., Mac no. and duration of usage.
  • Never busy and always available. It can distribute your bandwidth evenly or you can allocate as per your requirement.
  • Ability to set your peak hours – after peak hours you can reduce bandwidth allocation to public.
  • Partially over the cloud, No major cost or any hardware is required, Kavach can be up and working within 72 hours of sign up.
  • 24X7 online support across all countries.
  • Kavach Is capable of recording live usage, you can have quality checks in place and an eye on performance.
  • Track your bandwidth, you can limit your daily / weekly and monthly usage.