HOTSPOT is place where wireless internet is offered. The visitors can use their laptops, tablets or  mobile phones to access the internet. Almost all internet capable equipment sold today support Wi-Fi. Hotspots are operated mainly in hotels, restaurants, airports, trainstations, campgrounds, cafeterias, libraries and other public places.

No, you must have an internet connection at the spot. The only requirement is to have a stable broadband connection, it can be an ADSL, satellite, 3G/UMTS or any other kind of internet connection.

It’s possible to connect the router directly to an ADSL modem or you can connect it to an existing local network.

After successful registration you have to install and personalize your router. You’ll receive the installation instructions just after the registration. Installation should take about 15 minutes. The moment you complete your installation your Kavach is ready to use.

You can, if your firmware supports timing of radio signal.

In DD-WRT click the Wireless > Advanced Setting > enable “Radio Times Restrictions”

You can then click on one of the green squares corresponding to the hour. Green means ON, red means OFF.

We provide this service for a small monthly fee, because you will get a professional, cloud-based service from us. Here are some key services we provide:
  • We operate and maintain servers and give you an easy web-based management interface so you can manage your locations remotely.
  • We provide full management and accounting, which means you can view what users were used your service and when,  and you can see the usage of that users, logins, logouts, downloaded bytes, etc.
  • You can check online users so you will know if your router is overloaded
  • You can send promotional, special and discount offers directly to your customers