Kavach is your free online marketing and Internet Management Tool. It is smart, dynamic and 100% secure. It helps you to market your brand in an innovative and effective way and also it can handle & track all your WiFi usage. Kavach is a hosted secure internet management system ideal for Hotels, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Hospitals and Clinics, Retail stores, Gyms, Salons and Spas for online advertising and marketing.

Whenever your customer tries to use your WiFi network, Kavach will warmly greet him with a page customized specially for you. It gives your business a brand image.

Kavach helps you in generating more business and saving huge cost over Hardware and IT Team.

How Kavach Works

Kavach is a blend of state of art hardware & software. A programmed secure hardware is installed between your broadband & wifi router. All Internet usage is logged & stored on redundant mainframe servers. We have programmed the application in such a way that each user activity is recorded separately & each user gets a unique time bound password to login.

Our Features
• Kavach helps in branding, marketing, security, tracking and creating a database of your customers. Our features will help your business to showcase itself as a big and professionally managed organization thus boosting faith and confidence of your customers in your venture.
• With our free WiFi services you can share your news with the relevant audience and market yourself more effectively.
• Creates a database of your customers, which can be used for different purposes. For example-You can send promotional, special and discount offers directly to your customers.
• All users using your public WiFi will be greeted by your customized Web Page
• Detailed MIS of all the users who used your public free WiFi – So you will have track of your users, their usage & their contact details. You will get detailed logs with date, time of usage, mobile no., Mac no. and duration of usage.
• Never busy and always available. It can distribute your bandwidth evenly or you can allocate as per your requirement.
• Ability to set your peak hours – after peak hours you can reduce bandwidth allocation to public.
• Partially over the cloud, No major cost or any hardware is required, Kavach can be up and working within 72 hours of sign up.
• 24×7 online support across all countries.
• Kavach Is capable of recording live usage, you can have quality checks in place and an eye on performance.
• Track your bandwidth, you can limit your daily / weekly and monthly usage.