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Kavach is your 24X7 Internet Management Tool. It is smart, dynamic and 100% secure. It can handle & track all your Internet usage. Kavach is a hosted secure Internet management system ideal for Hotels, Coffee Shops, Hot Spots, Conference Halls or any place where public WIFI is provided.

About Us Any one using your WIFI Internet will be warmly greeted by Kavach with a page customized specially for you / your company. User can register himself on the registration page and will receive login credentials as SMS. This way mobile identification is done as per DOT & Govt. of India guidelines. Alternatively users can be provided password manually by admin. Each user will get a separate time based login access. This can be paid or free as per admin policy. Kavach works 24X7X365, thus you will never miss any customer & your sleep over Internet security of your establishment.

Moreover, Kavach can help in saving huge cost over of Hardware, IT team and generating revenues.

The real benefit of Kavach is the flexibility. You can create your own Internet usage plans, make them chargeable or free, set your time limits, decide what all you need to store as logs.

With no requirements for any expensive hardware at your end, you can adapt the service to suit your business requirements. Kavach will certainly please you.